Wednesday, September 21, 2011


People released by Iran before Iran gets into war with the neighbors. The first non-dancer is kicked of of Dancing with the Stars (I don't follow it, do you?). The Main Stream Media is very happy that thousands and thousands of service members are coming out of the closet, only leaving facing real bullets and rockets and IEDs (which have never discriminated in targeting) to fear from government service in uniform. It won't be too long before the bullying and hate thought crimes will take up combat training time, so no one will remember that they have to avoid the bullets, rockets and IEDs instead of jokes in bad taste and still being a minority in a sea of heterosexuals.

I watched the celebration in the youtube presentation of a young airman telling his father he was "Gay". And he thought his father wouldn't still love him. Hmm, a whole Christian faith based on the fact that God the Father loves the sinner enough to send His son to die -- how could a son not realize that confessing to murder would have still not stopped the love from his father. Parents get to be proud and shamed by their own conduct, why wouldn't they feel the same about their children? What are they teaching in media and schools today?

Don't worry too much, since Microsoft has to fear Apple, and facebook has to fear Google Plus (I only search on Google so they know all my internet sinning sites), but still it is for our betterment... I think they are using the government/politician model of mind control. Why don't I fear the future? Well, the big satellite is crashing into my house, the electricity will get shut off and eliminate all electronic entertainment and tracking. Have some good oatmeal gruel for breakfast and go out and improve your life and the world. Oh, if the power goes off, what will you do to heat the water? Cut the forest beyond that back fence?

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Old NFO said...

Good points Earl, strike anywhere matches still work, IF you can find em...