Friday, September 23, 2011

Yes, I am old and I am late...

The cool bloggers, in the GUN community, posted a picture of their carry knives on their keyboards or whatever. These are my carry knives, daily, if I get dressed and leave the house, or work in the yard. One always should carry a knife. I feel if Israel must have the right to self defense, then Earl has the same right. The United Nations did not jump up and stop the war in 1948, 1956, 1967 or 1973. Yes, I carry all three, and have been since been since I purchased the clip on on the right, the other two have been carried much longer

Nothing much to tell y'all today, an important point in the recovery of America - which is the real goal of the citizens that are awake - is that without a restoring of 'Trust' it will never recover. What is trust? Well, start with personal responsibility - silly things like Wedding Vows, or 'my word is my bond' . How can you trust people that hide what they did, plan to do, or are doing now - behind the Fifth Amendment?

I will go to an Appleseed at Castle Rock, Washington this weekend. My last time on the line, and Castle Rock will be closed to Appleseeds in 2012. The owner needs to get his truck up to truckin'.
The individual economy is gloomier than the nation economy, mainly because the under employed are not reported upon, but watch too much television which is fueled by conflict and drama. Really, most of the nation is doing okay - not great, but okay. Most of America is making it, not the POOR (15 million) not the unemployed (9.? percent of the workers - around 15 million, again). They do report that the Stock Market fell seven hundred points this week, which means that fewer people are buying than selling - markets only have the value of the moment and that goes back to a feeling of confidence - Real Estate or Stock Market - no one buys if they don't feel they will get a return. No one borrows money to buy equipment, cars, beautiful clothes if they believe that they won't be able to pay it back. No one opens a new business expecting to fail soon. You have to have confidence, you have to have optimism .

Yes, all we need as a country is to restore trust. As I tell people that worry about the coming collapse - one must cling to family and friends - and FAITH in God. You have to trust or it won't work. Take care out there, and don't forget to carry knives with a sharp edge, dull blades are just like Congress, they just don't work well.


Yoda of Math said...

Why 3 knives? You only need one for protection. As for me, I no longer even carry one because I am a teacher. I'm hard to scare these days.

Old NFO said...

Belt and suspenders with the knives right Earl? And enjoy the shoot and teach em good!

Earl said...

Silly question, why three, because I have two hands, and the multi-tool is more for the screw drivers and pliers than the cutting blade. I used two of the three today at the range, the screw driver working on an old Winchester, 22 pump sight.