Saturday, October 8, 2011

Been busy trying go get out from under...

There are days I am sure we are next for a video production team to drop in for recording the new episode of the Hoarders. But it is mostly shredded, trashed, packed and out of the ways now. Almost feel light.

I am up early to use the computer, record the moment.

My son, his wife and grandson are visiting, they are on the way to the next duty assignment. The grandson is still a little confused by the flight, new sights and vehicles. BUT - he runs fast from one end of the home to the other, laughing and making childish noises - about time someone beside me made those noises. I am now ancient, and I smile.

The grandson likes the digital slide show in the frame, lots of pictures of him, and others he knows.

My wife bought Kona Coffee, and I will drink it all - for I have been there riding a motorcycle.