Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Problem was not so simple...

One tiny room, the Computer Cave, and I get mired down in moving, dusting, cleaning, throwing away, moving, packing, moving, throwing away. Pictures to look at (often with a magnifying glass), poetry to read and wonder -- too much stuff. I received a letter from my Senator, they both are my Senators - but only one writes me back. Mostly a form response, but her staff could never be as smart as she is, and I wanted the BAFTE eliminated as a fine first step in the proper direction. Has been mentioned that starting Ruby Ridge and the confrontation with David Koresh, wasn't as bad as handing the mess to the FBI, which calmly killed them all to have God sort them out. No one is suggesting eliminating the FBI, yet. The CIA would be first thrown overboard after the BAFTE. Hmm, am I comparing my poor showing on keeping one little room with books, computers and guns and ammunition organized and useful -- and responding the need for clean up with the Federal Government's too many agencies and areas of expertise and its difficulty to clean it up and eliminate waste fraud and abuse?

Don Quixote loved reading about Chivalry, and he believed it was a much better and simpler time. Bold Knights saving beautiful ladies, he really believed, but to save him from his dreams the Priest, barber and maid decided to remove all his books that told tales they knew were part of his problem... I am still certain, that Don Quixote's world was much better than the one they wanted to box him into - and our world? I think we do need more Don Quixotes - but then the media would call in experts, and conduct polls to find out if we favor him.

Enough about my failures, my wife is almost back in the United States, she slept a straight eight hours last night, midnight to eight something. It is never jet lag, your dreams are just not as easy to pack up as your suitcases, and they do get left behind as you gently scream across the skies trying to avoid bird strike. And I had better get back to cleaning and organizing, the garbage can is full and more remains!

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