Monday, October 10, 2011

One of the best things about company...

Is that my world is ruffled, and different things become something new. My son and daughter-in-law are looking at the world so differently than my wife and I. Making plans for their future and their children's. The bold little boy hasn't plans yet, just actions and the time is now. The knights from the Korean chess set have disappeared into his train and toy truck piles and parades across the hearth. They may have defined 'Horse power', the Grandfather clock has been stopped, I started it again, but now it is a place to hide the horses, he prefers the black ones, he will share the white ones with me. Too young to know how powerful the Queen is, or important the King, just wants to play with the horses.

We did the Tacoma Children's Museum, which from adult eyes isn't neat enough, but from their eyes, at their height - it is cool with lots of stuff.

I would love to tell you that he will grow up a runner and a parachutist - he jumps from every piece of furniture making pretty good landings, and he still hasn't slowed down going from one end of this house to the other. The big thing is that he keeps growing and learning to share his power gently - for the meek will inherit the Earth. He is not ready for that concept yet, but hope I am still here to demonstrate it one day.


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Glad you're getting time with family Earl, and they ARE special at that age :-) Good luck getting all the pieces back... Just sayin... But I DO need a Rook if you come up with an extra!