Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Just to comment on things that I don't trust in...

Iran, from the time of the Shah to the present has been playing badly in the World sandbox, the Israelis have problems with Iranian supported terrorist groups for years in Lebanon, development of potential nuclear arms - and now the United States (with White House and Justice Department assisting the Main Stream Media) is supposed quiver in fear, but not to the point of declaring WAR. Sorry, nothing the above players have done makes me think they are telling the whole truth, doing anything for my well being or anything that I should pay attention to... remember that the Attorney General has already lied to Congress, caught on tape so it must be fact. I have still a desire to see the press releases and time lines on the NEWS that American was the source of weapons for Mexican Drug cartels, and the Justice Department's Fast and Furious operation to supply the truth to the story about how the Mexicans got the guns.

Look, I believe that using a weapon (to attack, destroy or disfigure something) in a crime against people, animals or property should be a crime. Owning a weapon should not be a crime! Having a ton of some drug shouldn't be a crime, dropping the ton of drugs upon the postal worker should be a crime. So, I want all the laws against keeping and bearing arms taken out of the legal code. Then start demanding prosecution for armed criminals. It isn't going to happen, it makes sense. If the border between nations cannot stop the flow of people, drugs and ideas - then how can the same border stop the flow of technology or weapons? Oh, you passed a new law, added a new tax? Thanks but no thanks, stop the traffic, please.

I want to thank Top Shot for making shooting skills a fine piece of entertainment for the Reality Show generation. I stopped at Blackfork and watched his video of the LEG matches, so there seem to be a healthy number of real shooters in the country, doing a fine job of hitting the target. I haven't expanded to watching the other video presentations of firearms, but you can see some of the same things that made Orange County Choppers... didn't change the joy of riding the Trusty Triumph in the pouring pelting rains for me, and NO, I don't really like most of the Choppers I have seen in life.

One other thing I don't believe in, that the political process in America is worth watching and participating in. The original TEA Party, before the MSM and the Republican Party started claiming knowledge of its intent --- well, the original TEA Party was because the political parties didn't care to address the issues of the American Citizens, clean up their act and get back to business. And the Main Stream Media is only Mainstream because it has lots of FLOW - not because it has answers, content that is drinkable or enough volume to float a boat.

Well, time for breakfast, morning walk and another day with the family. Take care out there, God loves you even if your government doesn't believe in same (God, love or you).

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Old NFO said...

Good post Earl, and I agree!