Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sun is not up yet, but grandson is...

I find that television viewing is different, for they have other interests from mine. The rains let up just enough for a short walk on the street.

I once impressed my father by being chased by telephone calls from my gaining unit, now I am impressed since my son and daughter-in-law have talked to people about household good delivery (next Thursday), meeting the Childcare provider with their son, and other connecting things that I just always waited to arrive at my next assignment. I think I was too accustomed to the Army only being able to pick a country for me, and hoping I would get something I would like when I arrived. Improvements in the smaller military community, now? Or the Navy takes care of its own? Moving every two to four years is stressful, and add to the mix that even if you don't move, there are people coming and going in your units and operations continue to change. If they wanted you to have a family they would have issued you one...

Interesting use of laptop with Google mapping and satellite map to show my son how to find the unit on Joint Base Lewis McChord (only a heartless military could make such ugly terms to note a place -- JBLM). Zoomed right into the roads, check points and structures looked for. I expect that he will find the place with little trouble.

Others are getting up now, time to revert to myself. My wife has been working and preparing all the best meals she can, in abundance, and I shake my head at my weight gain to be noted after they leave, and shovel the fine food in because it really tastes fine. There are ways to become a Great grandmother, and she found the best one.

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