Saturday, October 1, 2011

What is going on? too much news worthy...

Gun control news, NOT.

There is only some truth to most things, criminals haven't changed, they are not as smart as they think they are. So I doubt gun crime has changed that much - immediately as the sides of the discussion would like you to believe.

Media, including the bloggers, will report on NEWS or Thoughts that support their idea of what should or is happening. I am writing this because I don't believe that everyone ran out and purchased or started carrying or had more guns than they did the day before the decision to honor the 2nd Amendment's limitation on government over reach. There certainly were no efforts from government or the firearms industry to increase firearms in Chicago or Washington, DC - the only efforts to increase lack of gun control to cause crimes seem to have been in the Southwest by the BAFTE. I do believe that criminals that aren't drunk or on drugs might consider that other people might be armed and dangerous. The ones that aren't too smart, or are mentally impaired by drugs, alcohol or a superiority complex will be as dangerous as ever - most of them don't have excellent gun handling skills or target engagement (when do they practice, where?).

Carrying a firearm and knowing how to use it leave only the decision that a situation is worth firing a round with the intent to kill. Since most people won't kill unless they are directly threatened there won't be much increase in deaths by firearms. Too many movies where pointing a pistol means that everyone is going to obey the holder of the gun. The entertainment industry, from MGM to Playboy Club, are responsible for much of the fool thoughts about what is proper and lawful.

Take the idea that the government has the RIGHT and DUTY to kill its enemies, I read James Bond when I was a teenager - exciting idea, "licensed to kill". Now we have Presidents that have lots of kills on film, Heavens! they even fight off terrorists on Air Force One. The truth is that mostly we don't see the enemies that the Government kills. But we are now killing terrorist (a good idea) and everyone around them ( a VERY BAD IDEA) - and posting it on media as a lesson? a method to incite more terror? or justification for TSA? or helping us pick a future candidate for political office? Do you remember who died in President Reagan's attack on Libya? All the guilty parties? No. I am sure that God has sorted them all out.

Just like the Death Penalty, the only reason to kill a terrorist (outside the law of the land) is that when they are dead they never repeat the crime. Part of the problem with the Media celebration is there are people that think the government is wrong. There were the wonderful domestic terrorists of the Sixties, and most FBI agents weren't as good undercover as Serpico. If we had only had satellites and drones.

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Old NFO said...

I wouldn't say that too soon... They probably be here before we die!