Tuesday, January 10, 2012

According to the media it is their message...

I am sure that I will no longer turn on my television on election days. Every outlet feels they have to tell you who won, without all the votes being counted. Ever bet on a horse race? Do you pay off on projections? No, you wait for that photograph of the nose that won it. As fights in the courts about dead voters, chads and photo ID, will surely come after the November election we could have trouble deciding who was popularly ignored in the election that will come later by the Electoral College.

According to the way I read the results, Mitt Romney won but there are a lot of people that don't want to have to vote for him. Diane Sawyer announced that he had 'swept' in Iowa. She must have been sleeping it was only eight votes, honest. I am very certain that the Media wants President Obama vs. Governor Romney, no one has to think about the future of America, and the media won't have to explain the large number of people writing in None of the Above, staying away from the foolishness of voting for either candidate, or some other gentle protest. President Obama wins if the best Romney can do is fifty percent of the voters in primaries and Ron Paul keeps a solid twenty-five percent. The TEA Party revs up for the important elections in the House and Senate - which just aren't going to be as sexy as the Presidential campaign, but that is the only place the voters will be able to affect the future of America. The media will try to portray the TEA Party as extremist, disgruntled and a threat to going down the drain with continued stupidity (okay, they won't tell you that repeating the past expecting different results is madness).

Now, the Supreme Court is going to decide if the FCC can regulate speech and nudity on television. Well, I am against it - speech and nudity. And don't tell me they are only enforcing sanctions against improper speech, vulgar speech, hate speech, nasty speech and offensive speech. I have been watching and I am sure there are NO STANDARDS of moral conduct displayed for the benefit of the audience or the sponsors of the time wasted watching television. I am sure that since I don't want the government to decide to push my mute button or fog out a particularly lovely lady in her bad behavior - I would like to encourage criminals convicted of terrible crimes to send their lawyers to sue the productions that caused them to have moral failure and commit crimes. There are a lot of inmates just waiting for the opportunity to blame their blemishes on the immorality displayed as entertainment.

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