Wednesday, January 11, 2012

For sure I am going shooting on 21 January,,,

There are no television sets on Range 15, I will zero my M1, then go to the three hundred yard target - eight rounds at a time. Just thinking of the range walk out to slap a new target up after taking a picture of the rounds just fired, that brings a smile to me. After I am happy with that I might move back to the two hundred yard line and the sitting or kneeling position - hmm, shooters don't have a problem with kneeling positions, but some of the media immoral will wonder if I were imitating a Denver quarterback, and I don't know if he shoots like I do, he sure plays better football.

I was working on the new garden location, I think that the size is too small, but my wife is the gardener and I am the dirt turner. She sent me out for chicken manure, which I haven't found and I think needs to wait on Spring. But I have some old compost to dig up and add to the tough clay of the yard turned. No rain until this weekend on the forecast, two more days to get the mix right.

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