Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Remember me?

Hi, its J____ Served with you in Zindorff,Germany

You remember me from that long ago? So, how are you doing?

You were hard to forget. You had a big influence on my life back then which I've carried over even to now. You wont remember but you separated me from the idiots in the bricks,took me running,had me spend time with a german family over Christmas for two years,selected to go to France for a month on a goodwill mission and much more. Today I'm married and very happy to be with Sharon my wife. We share our life with cats and a german Shepard. My occupation is in healthcare and so is Sharon's. We enjoy a quiet life. We also keep a boat off the Delaware river in which we spend time on. Im still involved in photography and running which you encouraged me to do way back then. So for that I thank you!

Very strange to me, how many people find me on the internet and mention that they never forgot me for what I have done when they knew me. I still owe thirty dollars for maroon berets for three former airborne officers and a set of cold weather boots that got turned in at Fort Bragg, which did nothing for the soldier needing them in Germany. Still it was a great four years for me and my family, and I don't think the Army suffered too much.


Old NFO said...

Just reminders of the GOOD you did Earl, leading by example... Thanks!

threecollie said...

Pretty cool, but no surprise really. You seemed pretty memorable to us too.