Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ah, bad dreams, and I don't need them...

I have a television set, I read, and I can figure it out. I don't need the political season following me to bed to confuse and wake me. Ugh!

I like watching the football game, I don't need a woman asking questions of the coach at halftime - I figure the coach is trying to win, I don't need analysis - I have no decisions to make, my vote won't be cast nor counted. But notice that the media covers the political campaign the same way - I need to know what the plan is, who the man or woman is (do they lie?), and then I can vote the way I want to get the representative (the public servant).

If I were the two main political parties and the media, I would look hard at the thirty percent-ers out there. Ron Paul or the TEA Party, these are people that don't see the world and America the way the media or the political backroom boys can control. The only reason I mention that is America won a Revolutionary War against the law and order crowd of King George and his Parliament in England. God fearing, responsible, family men stood up and went to war to break free of stupidity. But they were only thirty percent of the population in the settled East, out West beyond the ridges they were all independent and out of control.

Personally, I am sure that no matter whom is elected or selected that the country isn't going to pay the price of correcting almost a Century of trying to make the government godlike. The government continues to forget or pretend it never happened - that THE PEOPLE created it.
And I could give you the reasons it was created, but then you had to memorize the Preamble to the Constitution didn't you?

I will cling to my God and guns, funny that the government has to have rules about firearms that are so different from God's. I will stay with the Lord. I should design a flag for my political activity (no, I want to be working instead) The LORD and Liberty!


Yoda of Math said...

God has rules about firearms? Really? ;-)

Earl said...

The same ones He has for any weapons, but you think since there wasn't an Atomic Bomb in Mose's era we should have a human rule about it?