Sunday, February 19, 2012

Too late to throw in the towel, you just got knocked out...

A while ago I went for a jog, found not enough air in my lungs and quit jogging after about six minutes. Then I went to shoot an AQT at an Appleseed and with my fine M1 rifle, I loaded the first two rounds, firing off hand, and then loaded a clip with eight when that first one was empty. Fired them and was well within the time constraints, 2 minutes. I went down to check my target and found eight hits in my target, but missing two. Then I looked at my neighbors, and sure enough, those look like my missing two rounds in his target. I stopped shooting for the day... I am sorry that I shot his target, but sad that I hadn't even realized I was on the wrong target.

My point being, I can't hang, I can't deliver and have only the good intentions left. I am so sorry for all that I could have been, but now can't even attempt. Very.

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