Friday, February 17, 2012

You do know that I am a failure...

I mean my mother was sure I could be a lawyer, or even President. But I couldn't cut it, not enough people pleaser in me, so I don't have thousands of bankrolling SuperPACs trying to fill the airways with my picture and thoughts. Only Blogger allows me this massive audience. I haven't been part of any massive bailout of failing industries. I will give you an idea of my belief.

God is greater than I can imagine. I don't believe that the theory of Evolution is more than a human theory of how, maybe, God made the marvels of all I find around me. Divine Intelligent Design works very well for me. Now, if, humans were half so smart, then government control and regulation of the economy would work to perfection - but the Invisible hand of the market place works better, by the way, the Economy is a human activity, God just doesn't care -- enough has been provided, distribution (economy) is our personal challenge.

I can't be a king, or even a prince, won't win the Lottery, and in the end I hope all my major evil doings will be forgiven, for I have really been ashamed of them. Probably why I am not in the running for President - just no ambition to troll for airhead interns, to repay all my friends' bets on my success by cushy jobs at pay rates unjustified.

I can live very well without being the Commander in Chief, having been where leadership has counted and made a mark or two to help improve the world, my own and the lives of those I influenced. That is enough, sorry, Mom, there are some failures of greatness I proudly live without.

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