Saturday, October 24, 2009

All the things I didn't do today....

Well, too many to list. I did find that my Appleseed box is on the way, and it will be enough although it really isn't what I asked for, but it is on the way, and UPS says they will deliver on Wednesday the 28th. And it is going to Albion, NY, which isn't anywhere near Tacoma, WA. Isn't this technology thing really cool? Okay, go back and find the shipment coming to Spanaway - there must be one that is, don't you think?

I did find the correct number for the shoot box coming to Tacoma, WA, and I do think I am the only person receiving one - on the 30th, that will be cutting it close. Still finish mailing everyone tomorrow and get to studying how to be a shoot boss. Yes, with or without a box, I do have targets and old Appleseeders to help me.

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