Friday, October 30, 2009

How did mild mannered Clark Kent use that phone booth?

I am switching gears from Library Keeper to Shoot Boss, and I am just as far behind as ever. The shoot box did arrive, and my wife moved all fifty-three pounds of it inside from the porch. It doesn't have every thing I wanted, but more of some stuff and it will all keep to the next one whatever I don't use. My range clothing is laid out, the rifles cased, the other stuff already in the Caravan, it will need fueled up tomorrow very early, only two hour drive down I-5. I opened both IAAR and AAR on the Appleseed forum, and established a link on this blog to get to the public one. One last check in the morning of the load and the paperwork - I have to file everything upon completion with the folks back East, which will be fun, since Monday I have to do inmate payroll and the October reports, I did send off the end of October stuff today.

Oh, on my being Superman, my heart doctor says I am wasting my money and his time unless I come up with something better than a faint, once. I do like that opinion. I did report for my brain scan, to see if I had one, if it was taken over by demonic possession, if an alien life form is living there and spying on humankind.... results will be Monday. I do know that I really can relax deeply, that MRI machines are noisy, and that hospital gowns that open in the back are only for the convenience of the staff in covering patients, not in making patients happily securely dressed.


Jeffro said...

That's good news, Earl.

Long-time RN said...

Good news on the heart. Hope to read all brain function is A-OK as well.