Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Looking through the jeweled face shield....

I turned my Caravan over to the mechanic for his professional care, jogged home and got on the Trusty Triumph for going to work, the rains have broken off the attacks until later. I do carry the rain suit in the back pack, but I always hope I won't need it. The day's work is busy, the other library branches announce closures for various vacation days for the holiday. By evening it is raining consistently and I have choices to make. Going outside the fence in the wet darkness the officer in tower three says "who is that?" and when I respond "Earl from the Library" she comes back with "Have a Happy Holiday" --- yep, the young lady (no, I really don't know what she looks like or who she really is) that told me what she really thought of me is having a much better relationship with me now. I am so adorable, not, but I smile because I kind of hear laughter in her voice and it will be the holiday soon. When I get on the ferry after walking the quarter mile in the rain I put on the rain suit and prepare myself to ride in the rain, homeward ever homeward. Little beads of water to peer through, bejeweled face shield and the night lights of the night life - Monday evenings are so dead, the Mexican restaurant is empty but the lights on. No major leaning on the wet roads, but I am dry to my shoes and warm and happy - it is me and the motorcycle. Lucky me, the wonderful wife has the garage door open, waiting my return and I put the motorcycle up and then start pealing the layers of protection off. Good to be home, dry and safe - is life really this simple? Yep.

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