Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Good News! the brain scan shows a brain...

and little clumps of nothing out of the ordinary. My blood pressure is fine provided I keep smiling and laughing with the best of them, the cholesterol is in great shape, HDL way up there everything else well under the limits, happy face! Don't have to visit him for six more months and that is lots of motorcycle time in the future. I had fasted to visit his office and have my finger stabbed by the assistant, so I was looking for some coffee and thought seriously about the bikini bottomed latte stand, but then Starbucks has food to go with their coffees, but as I was about to make a choice I saw MacDonalds and got a real breakfast feast and a medium Mocha, that was enough for the walk down to the dock and work. I do make some good choices in my life, actually I have made mostly great choices in my life... I read The Book.

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