Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Well, go off and pout in a corner why don't you?

Hmmm, got behind getting my wife's car serviced and reading my book. I did look at the new cars but they aren't real Cadillacs they are now Government Motors Company wanna-bes, and I didn't like the wheel treatment, nor screen grill (nor the PRICE! are they nuts?) So I drove off and listened to the Blues while screaming down the highway to see if anything shakes off or blows up. Good music, some real old stuff. I headed for the dock and was too late for the second ferry to McNeil Island, so I stopped at Western State Hospital and used one of their public computers to log on and leave tracks, I submitted a leave request and announced my library was closed because of no coverage - didn't point out I had no interest nor investment that day in better behavior. I talked with my co-worker about the changes, the Program manager has posted the positions cut and changed and didn't put names to them - but we know that there are real people in the solution not just .5FTE (full time employee) one is never half a person but could always be paying only half attention. The co-worker is more certain that this isn't a great thing for Earl, she thinks I have a calling to working with the patrons in our libraries. Until yesterday maybe I did, other folks know much better where to place the money and the effort, just ask them. Well, I didn't want to sit around doing nothing productive so I said good-bye and drove off with more Blues, nice car and the Sun is shining (almost motorcycling weather).

I went to see Invictus and I recommend it. I haven't been to South Africa, and I do like to see what the intent was of great men, now if they can just hang on to it... a republic. The theater wasn't full, and this movie should be seen, but hasn't any Zombies, teenage Vampires or Werewolves nor romance. and it has to make one think about more than most Americans would. Well, it didn't cost what AVATAR did, and it won't make as much money, but it is fine work and I am glad I have seen it, South Africa is back on my list of countries to visit before they blow up or blow away... Home early, have a doctor to fast tonight for his check up tomorrow, and back to work before Christmas sneaks upon we. Back to reading Monster Hunters International.

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