Sunday, January 3, 2010

Start a New Year with three days off and...

Strange things just aren't going to happen, but you sure can get fat. I am on day three and finally check my blog roll for input - a few people are upset with Doonsebury, the President, and other foolishness - could be the blog is going the way of Main Stream Media - not important in my life? Nah, some really good stuff was out there waiting on my comments, and a reminder that I haven't reviewed "Off Road" by Stephen E. Wright, since SailorCurt did his and published it on the blog, arrghh! I didn't read the review since I wanted to write my review without other opinions. Right after this, in the email, pinky promise.

History of Earl, did go to church, did write up a plan for the year:

Bible reading daily, prayer and meditation (that would probably lower my blood pressure without any medication).

One hour daily aerobic exercise (I know it should be eight miles but I am so old, once upon a time an hour of aerobic exercise would have covered eight miles)

Exercise moderately daily, moderately exercise daily, daily moderate exercise.

Daily dry fire forty rounds all positions for the AQT

Weekly fire one .22 LR AQT, one Redcoat, and a NRA small bore Rifle target, and one pistol periodically.

Monthly fire one 30-06 AQT, and some long battle sight distance and beyond.

GOALS -- Save the World (one Earl at a time), keep hiding from the long legged red head, work with the NRA on shooting certification and shooting expansion, keep working with RWVA on Appleseeds and meeting great Americans, almost Americans and wonderful people at rifle ranges doing good stuff - safe shooting and talking about the History, support other good gun stuff, ride the Trusty Triumph into the Sunrises and Sunsets, take wife to Hawaii to visit grandson and his parents, visit my mother, stop and hunt small game, larger game and get some game this year... one would think I would know how to take time to do such a thing - but it needs to be a goal, otherwise the World slides right by me, so busy saving the World. That might be more than I can manage, but I think that I can do it so I can write it down, today.

I didn't put getting a new, better, more wonderful J0B down anywhere in those goals. When I went to the GUN Show (looking for loopholes everywhere) I renewed my Washington Arms Collectors membership, with a young lady with long fingernails that wouldn't work on an M1 Garand, anyway -- when it came to the occupation or profession part I wrote down RETIRED - I have just given up. That gets fewer expectations about me, quickly - although I may get more offers of Retirement Homes and Assisted Living in the mail with the Reverse Mortgage offers.

I met an old running buddy at the Marine Corps table, bought their raffle ticket, met several other people and talked a little about rifles and what works for me. Saw nothing I would buy, so didn't. There was a lot you could have given me, and I would have had more stuff than I do now, I did buy one more raffle ticket at the NRA booth, since my luck in such matters is offset by the wonder of my real life I don't expect anything good to come my way there, but I did think the Quigley Rifle was totally awesome when compared to the other raffle choices, totally. I don't need to own one, but shooting it for a bit would be good.

Well, my wife has returned wonders why I am at a computer when important Korean soap operas are going on. Well, dear, I have a book review to write and grapes to harvest on FarmVille... priorities you know.

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