Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Well, I'm thinking about Walking for Congress...

Since tomorrow I will be sixty-too old to Run for Office, I thought I should walk for it. You know, go around and get signatures for getting my name on the ballot, walk around talking to people about how I won't represent the Democrats, Republicans, Communists or Alarmists - I only want to represent the voters of our district. Walk around and talk to them about not needing any money for our campaign, because if they don't know what is important for me to say, to vote for and do in Washington DC, then they can just not vote for me and I will stay in Washington State, with side trips to Idaho, Hawaii and Oregon. I had a great conversation in the library about ideas, and how America couldn't produce its way back to the top of the Industrial nations - and I mentioned as soon as the Consumer Culture gets done eating its young the only thing that will be left in America will be producers and they will rebuild it the way they work, yep. I am thinking of walking for Congress, ought to write Adam Smith and warn him that he is in my way, but I will need his help to work on the wrongs.

Looks like as part of that celebration of being Earl so long and so wonderfully (thank you all, family, friends, people passing in the night and those that haven't a clue... and mostly truly - Thank God) I will get to ride the Trusty Triumph to work tomorrow pretending I am bold enough to stop for Mocha at the bikini barista's stand - but knowing I am better than that or just plain old shy.

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