Friday, January 8, 2010

What I did when I turned sixty-too old for it all...

I went to work and had a good day, the inmate workers got a little tired of my "release date" song, but two of them realize they are going to look for real work when the library goes to only twenty hours of staff, they can't live on twenty hours of forty-two cents an hour and one mentions that the library service will be bad just on days and hours.

I did ride the Trusty Triumph to work and back home, and leaned in deeper and rolled on the throttle harder as I got back into the RIDE!, and the smile almost made wild laughter status - but did I mention it was 36 degrees in the morning ride and a balmy forty-two in the afternoon? Well, I was rubbing my hands for about an hour after starting work, trying to get the bones back up to body temperature - they needed a hot mug of coffee to wrap around and I don't do coffee at work. Nice thing about the Trusty Triumph, it is completely paid for, and runs more fuel efficient than the Caravan, smile -- says the guy thinking about pinching pennies till they scream, in retirement.

I cleaned up at home, dressed and took my wife to the movie, SHERLOCK, and she bought dinner, a very nice evening together. Back to the house and checking the world we missed by going out. My brother tried to Skype me, caught me Friday morning, and there was a message from Social Security denying my application for my making too much money - and to leave a working number, well, it is a working number, I answer my telephone more than they answer their's, since I have called them twenty times today, and only left one message like she asked for. She is correct, I put down last years income from my job in the space provided for 2010 and that isn't what is going to happen, unless there is something waiting for me on the 25th of January that I can't imagine. So if she doesn't hear from me and we get the application corrected I will likely have to resubmit, which is fine, but it could be easier if she would answer her telephone, or return my call and message, but I can be patient. I was told something about Happy Birthday to you, you are a 102 and look like it too. Wouldn't that be nice, to get all that money for all those years for breathing and the government being TOO BIG TO FAIL, like there is anyone but us little folks to bail them out, agin.

Birthday cards from folks, Mom sends flowers, and my son and daughter-in-law send a coffee mug for Grandpa, with about eight pictures of Keegan, that is too cool, but I use it anyway. It is the correct size for a manly drink of black coffee.


Kevin said...

Happy birthday, Earl, and I'm sorry to hear about your forced retirement. Maybe you'll have more time to attend Appleseed shoots?

Earl said...

Absolutely, and visit Hawaii, and motorcycle across the United States to see my mother and scattered family.

Of course my wife would like nothing to change, she is content and I must keep remembering that women cause civilization - you being old enough to understand that men alone would hunt, fish and drink beer talking about the other two, while women want a better cave to nest in.