Friday, February 26, 2010

Dream and virtual worlds...

Received an email from the other jefe this morning, his business is building up, always ready for more, his daughter is part of his motivation and success, glad to hear good stuff. If you need window washing/cleaning or auto detailing in my area let me know, this guy will deliver.

I woke this morning from a dream, met one of my high school classmates in it. He was horribly scared, had mechanical hands and arms. I could see through his skull and knew that part of his brain was missing. He had been injured when a train had blown up and burned in a derailment in the South. I was glad to see him and that he was getting around and well. He stood up when he met me and we talked, then sat back down. We talked around everything, like men do, no commitment. We were about finished and I felt that something was missing, and I had to hug him, I am not a hugging person, and I reached out in my dream and I did hug him, not for him with the scars and wounds and who he is now -- no, I had to hug him for how much I needed to be a better me. Felt good, part of being human I don't practice enough. Dreams, don't bear much reality, this person in real life has been dead for many years, good to think about him, felt good to meet him, but he has been gone to his reward. Maybe I needed his visit more than he needed to get out.

We watched Women's Figure Skating last night, and thought all the ladies were - very young, all wonderful, but ranked well by the judges. I thought the Japanese lady used too dark themed music - all the stuff from the monster horror films of the thirties, powerful but dark, with costume of red and black I was picking up a vampire theme. I like the old video shots of the skaters from when they were kids and competing, makes it easier to understand how they can do the most beautiful perfection. I noted that Canadian women rule in Hockey - still.

I have finished reading the Richard Stark books, and I keep thinking he doesn't know as much about firearms as I do, then I think again and maybe I don't know anything about the guns in his book that he does. Still the stories flow well, they don't have to reflect reality. I have started a recent Mike Hammer, and it is too heavy, Mike is like me, way too old, but since he is carrying a Colt .45 with one in the chamber, six in the magazine, and the hammer down - he is set in his ways, really. And to think the author mentions that he has been competing in pistol shooting and winning awards and acclaim. From the little I glean from outside the competition among pistoleroes he doesn't take is competition tools to work. It did make me put range time with my heavier pistols on the schedule for today. From The Goliath By Mickey Spillane and Max Allan Collins: "... I worked the prison library, and all I did with my spare time was read. They usually didn't bother with loners like me." Ah, and I thought no one understood prison libraries, but the authors did. Thank them very much.

Last errant thought to nail up for consideration, my mother loves house buildings and plans and listening to people tell about their homes, so my sisters could explain their farms on FarmVille to her. I know they are busy, but everyone with time to waste on building virtual farms should have time to explain the reasons they put the Eiffel Tower on potential crop land, have a schoolhouse or a library, and such. They don't need to, I will add that stuff to my weekly letter this weekend.

Well, time for stuff that matters in my world, hope things are going very well in yours, literally, figuratively and virtually... have a really good one!

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threecollie said...

Sometimes I dream of my late mother-in-law. Although we had our differences, I really loved her and I always feel much more capable and good on the days after I do.