Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Waking up to forever Saturdays...

Hmm, I thought it would be strange not getting a tie on daily, but I ironed all my work clothes - shirts and trousers - then hung them up in the closet and haven't worn any of them since, and I was thinking of cutting down the number of ties in the closet to just the ones I would potentially use, I could start dressing up for church, since I haven't been since I dressed up for work. I am going to wear more shorts around the house, I have time and it is there for my use, what to do with it?

I did look at some notebooks (nope) and laptops (likely) but although I really have the money I haven't a need yet - I am convinced it would be more interesting to stop at public libraries to post blogs from the road. Would anyone really know I was gone? Not an important question; some would note. some would not. If the Census ever gets around to counting the number of people that wouldn't know nor care would be awesome.

I would like to tell you I am getting stronger and faster and better looking every day, but it wouldn't be true. I am not into my fitness cycle yet - still fighting the Hibernation days of Winter - and it isn't the weather that makes one feel that way, just the extra weight and lack of foraging movements. My wife says don't play too many games on the computer - smart enough to qualify that so I can play one, once in awhile. Ever look into social networking? I am convinced that women are the people linking and men don't too much. Blogging and forums depend on what you are interested in and following, but Facebook convinces me that I don't miss much if I were never there. And no, I don't have any idea about the other things like U-tube, My Space, but then I don't even carry an iPod, cellphone, and still don't have a laptop and wireless service. When I was considering, recently, writing my mother letters like I once did - I didn't even think I was going backwards - she hasn't answered an email in forever, leaves no comments on any of my blog posts, and I wonder if she is just pretending to read the ones my sister gets for her on her laptop. I don't know, she would do anything to engage her visitors, I will have to check when I visit.

I have to start locking in my plans for 2010, now that almost every day is Saturday. On NBC, the Today show was coming live from the Olympic site, except I live in the same time zone as the Olympics and it wasn't that dark outside my windows - you don't think they assume we are stupid in the West, and it isn't important enough to have real live coverage? Nah, they bought every broadcast right to the games and then do such a poor job of showing the Olympics. I can't get anything on Korean or Canadian television covering the games and events, really. I haven't tried the Spanish but don't think it would be different. I shouldn't complain, it is only a couple of hours up the road and I have all these Saturdays to fill.

One great thing about Saturdays, I get to go on a longer jog before I worry about cutting the grass or cleaning the yard, if it warms up just a bit more the ladies will start coming out to play. It is 48 now, may get warmer with a little sunshine, and I have done my first part of the thirty reps of the basic three, time to hit the road, Jack! Will work on my Summer ride schedule 21 June departure from Spanaway, Washington returning around the 30th of July or so. I need to post a map and lay the route in -- always knowing that the best battle plans are destroyed by the first contact with the enemy - adapt and overcome.

Back from the gentle jog, more gentle than jog. I did find a shiny penny and a long legged blond that smiled at me or the man that wasn't behind me - she didn't laugh, three heart walkers out, lots of dogs confused by my greeting them like my long lost puppy. Was singin Onward Christian Soldiers to myself, the rhythm was right the words easy - taking so little thought. Time on the road 1hour1minute50seconds but who is counting? Oh, the Polar watch is counting. On to the second set of 30x3. Shooting anyone?


Old NFO said...

Keeping busy IS the key Earl! And yes, post maps, who knows what invites one might get :-)

Long-time RN said...

The hours of the day are quite different when not bracketed by work. Stay busy, explore, write.