Thursday, January 27, 2011

I have nothing to say...

I have been troubled by the change in my reading habits. Once I thought comic books were neat, loved Sunday Prince Valient, liked Brothers of the Spear, got in on issue one of Spiderman and Green Lantern. A friend of mine was collecting Superman, from way back. But I don't read comic books now (too trendy), they changed or I did over the years. Once I thought Playboy was worth the money I spent on it - I read the articles, not really, I did read the Playboy Philosophy (and realized real early that I didn't swing that way). After the Gulf War I was in Germany and someone ran into my office and asked if I had read the latest Playboy, and I laughed, since it had been years since I had even seen the cover of one. But I was supposed to read it because Rush Limbaugh was in the interview - should have told me that girls were naked, I might have looked.

Today there was news about cosmetics for pre-teenage girls, and I haven't gotten over men shaving their chest and leaving the beard to prove they aren't womanized... On another network they were celebrating the number of baby bumps being paraded proudly. Sigh, it must be interesting to act, or sing or entertain for money and then have to pretend one is building a family outside of marriage or commitment. Stupid, real life is lived not pretended, real friends will tell you when it is a bad idea, but now we have EXPERTS saying that marriage is not necessary, but can't figure out domestic violence, continued spread of AIDS, and unwanted pregnancy. Media morality are not Passion Plays - there isn't anything to build a civilization on so, it is over. The world will end, can't be saved by Glen Beck, Howard Stern or Rush Limbaugh. The America that will last is found in the favored few - not the ones held up to be lauded over by the press - the favored few that have humbled their SELF for the benefit of family and God's Grace. Go out and try again, it isn't over until it is over.