Friday, January 21, 2011

Remembering and being reminded...

Many things were talked about by the participants at my mother's memorial - and funny how things that weren't discussed outside of the immediate family for years are now laid out for all to see -- the times, culture and trust levels all change as one finally grows into a real sense of what is important - and how to tell the story. But I became reminded about the government being so in the way of things I wanted to do, by my cousin's wedding overseas (which I got to and performed as best man) and my decided lack of one in the same period... It doesn't matter now, many years later - I did still get lucky and married the same woman for all the same reasons, and we are as better for it as she can make us.

While discussing traffic, and breaking the speed limits in drives across the country, the point about empty intersections and traffic lights came up, and I made a point for maximum effective traffic control a live human being is better than computer-sensor systems that we seem to put everywhere. Love watching a European traffic cop on an intersection keeping everything going.

When all the talking and the time was right, checked out of the motel, packed into the bags and into the car last waves and smiles and down the road not thinking too well but airports are difficult to miss and we found ours. Turned in the rental, picked up the e-tickets, growled at my wife about the extra bag so turned in the suitcase to clear a hand or two. Went to the security check zone and found I was still carrying - my normal compliment of knives. Busted! well I got down to everything out of my pockets, belts and bags and stepped into the scanner for complete exposure to the poor fools linked to its display. Okay, that didn't hurt, it is a slow process but I didn't want more children I wouldn't be around to raise and maybe it will wipe out any un-discovered cancer cells floating around (I know they say it is safe - but I remember Agent Orange and Gulf War Syndrome). One has to wait for an expert look at the results, sigh. I don't like to look when I get out of the shower - do like steamed mirrors until time to shave or brush my eyebrows.

Then I waited for my stuff to get dressed up again. Sure enough a lady said that I had two prohibited items and I had three choices, I don't remember two of them, but took the one of putting them in an evidence bag for Abbey to analyze for blood and tissue and ballistic scratches (?) and cash and a form with my address so it would get to my home someday. They have pretty much got this down to a science - I was not the first. It did make me wonder what they do with pistols and ammunition, but that wasn't worth looking into, I don't normally go to the airport to fly with guns or ammunition, it would be locked up like they request and noted upon checking in. Or I would be fully loaded up with semi-auto rifle, pistol and lots of ammunition, communication gear and portable shelter for dropping into places with resistance to change that must be met with overwhelming firepower and pugnaciousness! I know what is really on those Cargo carrying airplanes from Pope AFB.

I will report when the prohibited items get here, not that it mattered, I did have one lock blade in the suitcase and I have never counted the number of knives awaiting my attention in the home, most of the small ones are within hands reach of my key board and screen. I learned long ago that anything over six inches was extra weight but looked so BAD (although if I had been James Bowie I would have carried one of the big blades I have of that design, single shot pistols being only a club after discharge at close quarters). I cut more cardboard and string than flesh (except my fingers during sharpening).

Well, reality returns, call from Insurance Representative and information provided - he was quietly competent and caring - but the electronic connection was beeping on first contact, called again to finish the transmission. I think I will refuse to upgrade my familiarity with NEW stuff - someone handed me a fat credit card like thing, and if my niece hadn't told me she heard a voice that it was a cellphone I would have just stared at it waiting for more instructions. And you should see what they are selling at the SHOT show... back to Bowie's best, I am so old fashioned about death and destruction.

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