Sunday, February 20, 2011

Before I go sweat burning calories...

Unions are important for the workers to have a voice in their job. BUT, the Union can never own the positions, those belong to the employer and the employer decides who to hire. Anything else is thuggery, beating people up, shooting them and such. Just look at the HISTORY of the union movement, there was a real need, they joined a front for confrontation. It was never about providing skilled labor to an employer, it has always been about conflict. Sometimes the bosses need to have their nose flattened for foolishness, but if they can't keep happy employees, they will be out of business or out of the country quick. Unions are run on a business model, two competing unions trying to provide the best employees, they run on the gangster model, this is MY territory and we defend it. So Right to Work states will continue to attract business and those where the Union is protected from competition (slavery by management and the union bosses). I did belong to a union, for job requirement, and went to some meetings and saw the thugs - really, I have been in prison and in real life, I know what a thug looks like and what the job requirements are. They were thugs.

There are enough non-union teachers in the world that if the jobs aren't locked into the contract by the union, you could always hire better ones from other sources. One of Abraham Lincoln's or Frederick Douglass's, if they were still alive.

Ask the unions in Washington State why part of Boeing production is now in South Carolina. But States and Nations do it, too. They attract business with profitable laws, and tax forgiveness then are dismayed when the business goes elsewhere as they decide they want more of what they didn't earn themselves. Off shore banking anyone?

Well, I woke from one of my military dreams (must have been the glass of wine last night). But I was a hotshot Sergeant Major out in the field, sneaking and peeping with my force, when some strange untrained and unqualified ones were operating in our area, and they didn't see us (my story and WE were good!). Anyway, this part of the dream was real enough, been there and have definitely done that - but then it got strange, seems all the Generals were at a meeting, highly secured area about something. Being a total fool, I decided to see what I could find. And I found them, didn't get inside but close enough to know they were not up to something I could support - never has mattered about the rank, I was more a follow the Man kind of guy. And I have Historic proof that even an Emperor is only a Corporal gone great.

Anyway, the gist of the dream was they had gotten together to put the Republic back in order by tearing the present mess apart and allowing the media and agitators to rebuild it while they watched from the high ground. Which, I, even in my warm comforter in cold night sleep knew would never work. Only in Egypt would such foolishness be lauded as wonderful. My question for the officers that thought the Eighty-deuce should go secure Washington during the end of Nixon's reign "Are we on the side of the Congress or the President?" No answer... which was good, there were other things in the world to prepare for.

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Old NFO said...

Good point Earl, and we have to hope the military here never has to make that choice...