Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April 19th, 1775 or 2011... a lot can happen between

The Ruling Elite sent out their finest Flank Companies from the Boston Common, rowed across the Back Bay to a swampy farm, to eat, assemble and march through the night to catch the rebellious provincials un-awares and take or destroy all their stockpiles of military stores. Redundant: stockpiles of military stores.

Wasn't much of a surprise, even without Wikileaks, the fine farmers of the Crown Colony were alarmed, awake and assembling that night. Dawes and Revere had left Boston with the news and they weren't really stopped until after they departed Lexington after having warned John Hancock, one of the Richest Men in America and not wanting to pay more taxes, and Samuel Adams, fine trouble maker he was - he never really got used to the idea that there were people smarter and finer than he and they were going to take care of him.

A couple of early morning movers, taking a wagon of dairy products to Boston would be captured in the efforts to keep the Regulars march on Concord secret, they would be released later and one running away would be shot and killed. There would be a small bunch of Captain Parker's Training Band assembled on the Lexington Green, they would lose eight: family, friends and neighbors to the volley fire and bayonet charge of the Light Infantry companies. I am sure you knew that one of the Training Band was a slave, an armed and dangerous slave - yeah, everyone talks about that in History class don't they? Prince Estabrook, he would fight through the following eight years (no NATO air power and interest in protecting savage repression of protest movements) and gain his freedom. I never noticed.

The whole dispute between the colonials and the King's Parliament was about their fair share of the debt, their tax burden. Where have I heard that before? Lexington, seven hundred people, four hundred cows to milk, seventy some men gathered on the Green. We don't live like that any more, standing up in the darkness to make a statement of protecting one's home, loved ones and property. We leave it to the professionals, don't we?

Yeah, go read what happened on that day so long ago -- some where before Vietnam and the Civil War. They just don't make them that way - the problems seem so similar.


Jeffro said...

It sure doesn't look like we have the will anymore.

Earl said...

Forgot to be Americans that didn't need government - had family and God. Now seems like all we have is government - it is going to fail, maybe not tomorrow, but soon enough for everyone to point to exactly where the politicians went wrong.

SPQR said...

Myself and the Indiana State Coordinator went on the Denny Smith show (WIBC) to tell the Strikes and talk about the program. As we were telling the Strikes people were calling in during the commercial breaks to find out where they could hear or read or see that story because THEY HAD NEVER HEARD IT BEFORE. While I was excited to be sharing it, and happy to do so, there is often a sad ache in the back of my mind at the knowledge that so many Americans have lost so much of what they are.

Old NFO said...

It bears repeating... OFTEN Earl, so many have never heard/been taught it in the current generations!

Drang said...

The whole dispute between the colonials and the King's Parliament was about their fair share of the debt, their tax burden.
And the disenfranchisement, and taking their guns.

WV: ballo. The whole ballo wax...