Saturday, April 9, 2011

Strange Dreams, stranger results...

So, I spent two hours talking to my lovely wife last night after I arrived home at 1AM, then woke from a very strange dream.

I was riding back from some kind of meeting in a car, with someone else driving, a bicycle rider passed us and got clipped by a car ahead of us. The driver of that car stopped, so did we. He got out of his car and shot the bicyclist, twice, turned and shot the driver of the car I was in, and I was behind a thick steel lamp post getting my pistol loaded, before he shot me. Needless to say, I thought waking and not finding out how that dream ended would be better than finding out he got me. I am moving up to the .45 pistol.

I also, took my normal morning start, adding getting the Micro Compact out from behind the locked box, and looked at the side effects of the medications I am taking, I am dropping the one today, keeping the other three, will see the doctor in June and see how that is working. I dropped one of his recommendations many moons ago, and the checkups were continuing to show improvement, so I got away with that one - saving me and saving money. My doctor has wonderful skills and great intentions but I am sure he doesn't understand Earl isn't really a fat old man (Earl is -- but won't face that reality).

I am wondering what to do with all the Pet food I bought to feed my wife and I since the FORMER Speaker of the House said I would starve if the Republicans and the TEA Party had their way (which I approved of, so I bought the pet food - She wouldn't LIE would she?). My wife came home with the planned closures of her job and the Childcare Centers because of the Congress stiffing the Military of pay. She wanted to know if she had to worry. She doesn't, King George worked just like the current President and fools in Washington (Republicans caving seem to be in that same group) and forgot that the People really do count and they can only be backed up so far.


Jeffro said...

That was a strange dream! I've been in some gun battles, but never shot!

And we're pushing back, and our "betters" just don't like it much. They'd best be for getting used to it.

Old NFO said...

Meh- Had a similar one a couple of weeks ago... except my BOSS shot me (with an RPG). The fearmongering continues and the dems don't care what the do to pander to the hype and hypocritical behaviors.