Saturday, April 30, 2011

Yep, the Royal Wedding was not the topic of interest...

at the Men's Bible study. For some reason, not me, the raising the debt limit was keenly addressed. All the way from the riots in the streets, looting of the Safeways, and total collapse of the government. Duh, do you think the faith in government is sadly lacking. There were a couple that thought we might get hooked into SOCIALISM, and Coercive Government - at which I laughed loudly and asked if they hadn't noticed that it was already that way.

I have faith, as long as you are with family and friends and aware and awake when the government does collapse, - we can rebuild it. Education was also on the topic list, hmm, they weren't getting this from mainstream media... where is the opinion that formed theirs?

Not important, I wanted to do well today, so I jogged, finished the lawn, and went and shot to my hearts content. I was happy. Hope y'all are, too. Isn't it strange that NRA has a convention without enough parking, and no shooting? It is almost like the Gun Control Guys and Gals would have a convention on a shooting range with ammunition provided. That doesn't happen, which is why they FEAR the gun instead of the criminal with a gun.

Oh, the targets, I haven't looked at them except on the range, and those two larger than 22 holes are from the folks next to my position, firing on their twenty-five and hitting my fifty yard target, by missing theirs.

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