Saturday, June 11, 2011

Big day yesterday... Not

I had a doctor visit for calibration, they weren't happy but left me at the same level of medication, now we all aren't happy. Went on a long jog before the visit, find I am ambling along, day dreaming and not pushing myself faster into whatever that would bring. I should be happy to jog at all.

My Trusty Triumph was purring after I filled it up, 3.75 gallons for fifteen dollars exactly, sigh. Yes, the mileage is good, but the rest of the country isn't rich. I bought new high speed running shoes, they will look good. Not that I care about the looking good, they had to fit, and I will rapidly wear them out, shuffling along.

Running shorts, 2pair, long underwear, 2 pair. It promises to be too hot to keep using my sweat pants, so I won't. I bought a Snickers, small for fifty cents and 280 calories, had it with a Starbucks Mocha Grande, for ?.75 and unknown calories. I went home to finish raking the lawn and clean up, did a pretty good job.

I found a mole laying on top of the grass - kind of out of it, I wondered if it had been poisoned or the neighborhood cat had been playing. No telling, I pinned it with the leaf rake and contemplated and then decided to kill it, and did so, cutting its throat and cracking its spine. Tossed into the wood line behind the house. No, I wasn't carrying a gun then, and I wouldn't have shot it. The forty-five would have been over kill if I didn't miss. I was probably carrying all day away from the house, but then I had a bright ugly motorcycle vest on so no one would have gotten close.

Steak for dinner, and because I was appreciated my wife gave me a cup of Dreyer's Slow Churned Chocolate Chip, which is only 180 calories. I find a cup of ice cream eaten calmly and quietly a joy, but I never like to buy them, because I can get a better deal per ounce from larger packages. she kept the cups and cleaned them out, maybe she will buy a large half gallon and refill them as I deserve them? Ah, well, enjoy it - everything will soon be gone, vanity all is vanity.

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Old NFO said...

Earl, say what you will, you're still above ground and working to stay in shape, and haven't given up! Somehow I don't EVER see you giving up!