Thursday, June 23, 2011

Off to edge and rake the yards...

Yes, President Obama is returning troops to America with Afghanistan un-won, but he is only doing it because he doesn't care about anything except the re-election. If he wanted to save them, he could have removed them in 2009 after he took office. He is smart enough to know there is no winning there, in Libya or Iran and Iraq. But he doesn't care about anything except the re-election and getting his way.

Nation building is very much like Education, better helped by the people involved and not by those with good intentions and no investment in the outcome. Yes, give all the children arriving at High School a GED test, if they pass give them a diploma and send them on their way.

Yeah, my cure for current events is best expressed in a well clipped and cleaned yard.

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Old NFO said...

You've got that right Earl, he doesn't give a s**t about our troops, or ANYTHING but getting re-elected.