Friday, July 1, 2011

Four hours, the 4th, Independence...

Yes, I still play FarmVille but only because I know some real people still playing and I wish them well, but I don't want to bother facebook much, so I don't always post rewards, although that could help those that I am hoping do well - in the virtual world. I am really pretty happy with my original farm, suits me well, the English one is still a work in progress and I can wait.

I jumped into Empire & Allies for a chance to blow things up and the redhead with the eyepatch was fetching... So during daylight I live on a four hour cycle of production of food stuffs, oil, lumber and mining. I try to have all the types of forces, in balance and build my nation. But I can BUY members for government staff or my friends can fill the voids, once the government is staffed I can build more housing units and population can grow. In four hours I can earn for breathing that long, 48 energy units, which will help me gather my rents and production, including more Navy, AirForce and Army units, then (if I have enough Allies that I don't have to buy) I can attack the DARK Forces of EVIL. If I build, win and am nice I will progress to higher and higher levels of building my Empire. Which I call Earl's Protectorate, yeah, Cromwell and I have an elevated view of our duty.

So after starting my morning properly, the computer warmed up I visit to gather first from the government buildings (biggest cash payout) then the farms (cash crops), look to all my allies for information on if they are being attacked (one can attack one's allies - but it is a blackhearted thing to do), go help defend them or visit them for the five collections you can do once a day. If you get on everyone's staff in government, you can collect good stuff and can pick up ores you need if they are running their mines - you get only five collections on your allies per day.

If I had lots of friends on facebook and they were my allies I could really build an EMPIRE! I have told you that I don't do groups well, haven't I? If I have some allies that I haven't taken with me to combat for the day I can drag one to three along for fighting the DARK FORCES and liberation of an oppressed people somewhere (looks like little islands in the sea).

Like all the games on facebook, they are out to make the player happy and earn money for doing it. They count on people that like people, have friends to invite, and keep the games challenging but easy enough. I like seeing how my allies build their cities and serving on their staffs for the position and gains! Visiting once every four hours to play and build, fight and sigh... but it is a virtual world and not very real at all.

I will work harder on the reality of me, in the physical world, have to call for more better pills to replace those parts of my body not working as well as it did long ago when I didn't think about it... I am about one sixth of the way down in weight loss... trust me, a long way to go, but there is measurable progress. Since most people are going to celebrate Canada Day today, or Independence Day on Monday I should get Old Glory out, and remember some of those places I have helped her fly, proudly. Have a great weekend, and Do READ the reasons we separated from the CROWN.

Reading it makes me realize that maybe current high school graduates may need help understanding the language - it isn't text.


Jeffro said...

Don't feel bad, the world could surely do without a whole lot more of me, too.

Old NFO said...

I'm finally back under 200lbs, but I have 10 more to go. It's a slow steady pull that gets us there Earl. Not fancy pills, just hard work. Hang in there!