Sunday, August 28, 2011

Missing in action... or is that missing w/o action...

Seems I haven't posted for a few days. Have been preparing for my wife's trip to Korea to visit her family. The telephone calls to there are getting longer as she gets closer to going - nothing to talk about when she gets there, I guess. She cleaned out all her drawers this afternoon when she got back from the deacon's meeting.

I had jumped on my Trusty Triumph and rode through the foothills to Rainier, Washington (the town of) and fueled up while there. It is a beautiful day for those type of things, lots of other folks enjoying the day, in cages and on two wheels. I had one of those strange three wheelers following me a bit, his leans had none of the thrill that mine have. Well, I have dropped mine, and his would take a real effort to spill - although I know some young fools out there would try (if someone else would buy the ride for them). On the way back I thought of pulling into the range on Fort Lewis, and then realized that I would be offending the Commander - since I didn't have the reflective gear on that is the only way the Commander and his soldiers could keep from hitting me on my motorcycle. But then I would have to selective about reading the sign about concealed carry which the State has granted me, but that the Commander and all his soldiers know they don't have to allow... They are sure that those signs will keep crazy people with hidden guns from killing soldiers and supporters on post. I am sure that having permission to carry a firearm concealed is never a defense for shooting anyone - but what do I know? Remembering that I only have to cite a higher authority for all my permissions.

Aren't you glad that you don't have to be struck blind to stop attacking Christians in your life? I was just thinking that knowing God and understanding my relationship with God probably means that I don't have to worry about blindness, conversion and name change and a life of travel, prisons and letter writing. Time is getting short, the Mainstream Media is off for the next BIG THING, to sell advertising space and support fear in the world. I do know it can be the prettiest day, the best weather, the happiest time of one's life and still be the last day of one's Earthly existence. Tomorrow I will try to get back into the jog around the block, or at least find a nice long walk if that is all I am allowed. Always being thankful for all that I receive, it isn't much but it will all be mine, and I do better when I share.

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