Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Seems my wargaming is on hold...

Getting my wife to her flight is my big operation today, one year I missed getting her to the proper flight (because I wanted to complete my jog) and I had to buy her a ticket for the next day, ugh. That was not a good time to be me, but I did get her to her family.

Dreams were high speed military last night. Good ones, new unit, in some great division and I was coming in as a Command Sergeant Major, going to the field on day one, zeroing and qualifying with my rifle and pistol (yeah, I know CSMs normally don't carry a rifle - but I always did except for parades). Back to the unit and see other old NCOs I knew from otherwheres and standing an NCO Retreat ceremony. Nice solid satisfying dream of military perfection. It was never that good, but I can dream can't I?

The wargaming on facebook is annoying, they always want me to ask my friends (the few I have are already my allies). The game wants me to do what it thinks I need to do, at its schedule and won't allow me to attack the next Evil Doer until I complete some lame task. The current one is to speed up the military units in my allies' Empires - which only pays fifty coins - I make much more money by being staff in most of their administration centers - daily! Ah, it is okay, I am almost as high an operative as Steele (the Game model of player perfection) and have a pretty cool Empire (Earl's Protectorate). I don't seem to be in the game to buy my way to power (?), to do so much better than the other players (although I love to patrol the game and find I can help my allies fight off invaders (other players) and the Evil Doers of Raven. Although the game has Tactical Nukes and Never (Nerve) Agent - I don't think much of those weapons, so I won't buy nor store nor use them. Since it thinks you are supposed to invade your allies and get good stuff from that activity I figure it was put together by other than Amish - probably some Leftist National Socialist Improved Citizen Coalition. Ah, it is free and does await my return to play in their digital sandbox.


threecollie said...

Thank you for saving my empire, Woof, from the many invaders who are too tough for me. I find the same frustrations, but still have fun. Best wishes for your wife's trip and your time on your own.

Old NFO said...

LOL- It's written by people who don't have a CLUE about the real thing... THAT is one (of many) reasons I don't play them... Hope the wife enjoys the time with family!