Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I know I am disappearing fast...

In my email yesterday, was the letter from the fine folks of FarmVille, they miss me. Seems my crops have withered, although I haven't planted anything, and the cows have been suffering because no one is milking them. They just never took the game in my direction, although I built a rifle range and had a magic mirror to shoot into, they would only allow me a barbarian sword to sling upon my back.
They did finally allow me to have some dogs, so I had two.
I had a pub and a farm in England, no shooting range there and I had rabbits but no dog. All in all, it was okay but they kept interrupting me, kind of like the salesman that won't allow you to dream while sitting in the new automobile - the manager/supervisor that wants you to work harder and faster - but with very little point since you already work harder and faster than everyone needs.
It was a virtual playground for me, and a profit making enterprise for FarmVille - not that they made much money from me - I was willing to work long and hard, to forgive them the interruptions, and support all my neighbors, but then they just kept adding more opportunity to make them much more money. Good-bye, FarmVille!

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threecollie said...

I quit too, and took it off completely when it started bogging down the old computer. Now I borrow Becky's speedy laptop and find I have no desire to go back.