Wednesday, November 23, 2011

In the News, and I really wanted to write about...


But someone is upset that the President of Russia, would actually say he would target defensive missile systems in Europe if they were put in. I am not upset, that is exactly what our military does on every planned strike on an enemy target. Why shouldn't the Russians be at least as smart as we are? If he can encourage the NATO thinkers to reality, there will never be a missile defense system installed at the cost none of the countries can afford, nor the extra targeting that the Russians would have to do to take them out if they go to war. Europe will break itself to pieces in progressive thinking, Russia will keep getting richer selling stuff to Europe and countries on the move that Western ones fear.

Russia plays chess, Americans play poker, and Europe just plays? Asia plays but looks out much farther and down the generations, and aren't afraid to die. I would wish that there were much more truth on our media, but it wouldn't allow sufficient commercial interruption to pay the big executives that are making money on ad space.

Many of the convincing arguments against firearms are based on lies told loudly enough often enough. If there were no guns there would be people dying from everything else. Remembering that falls in the home are the greatest killer in America. More children killed riding a bicycle than by firearms every year. Actually, thanks to the Fast and Furious Operations of the Justice Department and the BFATE the criminals are arming with Assault weapons and other dangerous firearms - so there is some truth out there. Just that the current administration doesn't want anyone but the former President blamed for it.

The reasoning behind why it is important to deploy the missile defense system in Europe is union jobs, we don't really care to save Europe again, and we always knew that Russia would target our defenses if they were going to attack. The same reason Congress fears American citizens with machine guns and fully automatic weapons - they really hate taking down houses that have more firepower than they do. Look how long it took the German Army to put down the Jewish Resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto in WWII.

At the present rate of spending our Posterity to buy votes for today, the Chinese will own every elected official and all our debts that will give them leverage. We don't need to worry about our enemies taking us down or counting us out - we can handle terrorists, what we can't handle is our own foolishness. Do I lose any sleep over Russia, China or a thousand terrorists, NO, I lose sleep over stupid American elected officials, owing their souls and votes to lobbyists, political parties, or their bank accounts. I forgive them, they know not what they are about.

Tomorrow, as I will later today, I will give thanks to the Lord for all His goodness -- especially all the really wonderful people out there that don't want to run my life, tell me who to worship and how I will be better if I buy their product. Yes, forgive the sinners and give thanks to Our Maker.


Long-time RN said...

Amen. A blessed Thanksgiving to you and your wife.

Brigid said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Earl.