Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Boston Tea Party Day!

I wander the time remaining, before Christmas, trying to get it together. No lights, no tree, no stocking hung yet... what is going on? Well, I am not sure, I am distracted by fine sea stories and knights of old, and facebook calls constantly, reloading goes well. None of that seems Christmas-like. I did send a digital Christmas card from me in CastleVille, so sad.

There are eight real Christmas cards from family and friends they brighten the bookcase. Which meant I went and got some, did the annual letter, and am stuffing envelopes to mail. Then I discover the addresses needed may not be there, I haven't been keeping a good address book for years - everyone is on email now, until you want to send them something in the mail. Ugh! You haven't seen how bad my email address maintenance is, four or five for some constant movers - I could delete but which ones?

For sure something I can handle waits me outside in the frosty morning, the moles decided to fill the water meter cut-off in the front yard again. Why don't they get the neighbors?

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