Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Why is it that what the founding fathers wanted for the United States of America, is nothing like what the media and current political parties and fools want now?

Ron Paul is correct, you can shrink the government back. Perry is right, send Congress home for longer periods of time, make them stay in their district or state when not in Washington, DC.

But mostly they are ALL WRONG, there is a COLA pay raise for the military - hasn't anyone noticed they are out of money? If they can't cut the waste, then they can't raise pay and benefits. They aren't honest.

Honest doesn't seem to count in the government, one part lies to another part and no one ever goes to jail - okay, some of Nixon's guys went but none of Holder's are going, ever.

They say (MSM) that Newt is going to be the Republican. He couldn't keep promises to two different women, how could he keep his oath of office? Oh, we already know he doesn't follow the Constitution, silly question.

I play games on facebook, I know they want me to spend real money buying their virtual tokens for buying better stuff in my game worlds... and it doesn't take a genius to realize the games are based on stupid citizens that don't care how something is paid for.. it is all virtual, relative to the moment and so much foolish fun. The games depend on a large population that defines the worst of America, the relatively unimportant part -- unless you want to get rich and powerful. Then the game designers, like our politicians and media, want to control the citizens and the game's outcome.

I don't buy, I plod along one thing at a time, gifts from some friends and plod on, destroying those that get in my game and try to plunder me...

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