Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Just another cup of coffee...

And my wife will tell me not to drink too much, it will leach the calcium from my bones. I will say okay, and know that she says that because she loves me, and somewhere she heard that it was so. I will admit to drinking warm water most of the afternoon, too lazy to even drop a tea bag in, just the warm water seems to work - of course I have to have it in a black mug, so I don't see that it is only water.

I am up early for and adventure into the world, taking my wife's car in for services. I will not take a laptop, but will take my current reading "A Rifleman Went to War" by Herbert W. McBride, veteran of WWI in the Canadian and American Forces. Got it as a Print on Demand. Oops, just found that I have a game on my other computer that is waiting for me, well, it will wait. Like the Trusty Triumph in the garage, just waiting until I can get back at it. I did have a motorcycling dream a few nights ago, the biggest part of it was not having all the power I wanted going up a mountain, but I was still going up. Don't read too much into that and I won't either.

Just in case you think I have given up on fool politicians - look at your pay stub, look at what your with holding was before the decrease for economic stimulation, and then laugh at how hard the Houses in Congress are looking out for you in making sure you 'might' have ALL that money they feel will make you buy a better clunker... Gee, there isn't much money there at all by paycheck, is there? If I were working I would wish they would take the money and put it in a bank at more interest than they could get from non-marketable government bonds. Have a great day and try to do everything for and with others with Love, and a smile.

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