Friday, December 9, 2011

Okay,, I won't answer the telephone anymore...

I don't like interruptions of my day, especially from the telephone. Now I do like to hear from my family, old friends -- and my wife thinks one has to answer even if you don't feel like communicating.

But the very helpful Congress persons had a great idea, have a no Call List -- just so I wouldn't be answering during dinner and such. So I jumped on that bandwagon. A better idea is a number I could have dialed after answering that would have charged the caller for use of my phone service and time. Yeah, I like that. Still it was a move in the correct direction, but charities and political problem children were exempt from denying me an opportunity to slam the telephone down in disgust.

Well, Newt Gingrich called me today, I answered but he didn't ask how I was or catch my name. When he started telling me about 'one who loves America' I hung up, gently - I did pay for that telephone. I have little regard for a man that doesn't know what real love is, I hope in his third marriage he has found it, I really hope that his life is wonderful and full of love. Honestly, but I don't trust someone that I know isn't trustworthy, and I know that about him.

The Constitution is not the rules of the House, and I don't think he is my choice for President. I hope that the Republicans can find a better candidate - there are hundreds of thousands of them out there - they just aren't running for office (they don't seek power or fame).


Old NFO said...

I don't even bother to answer unless I recognize the number... Saves hate and discontent!

Yoda of Math said...

Newt has an 80% chance of failing in his third marriage ... or his current wife is a very "understanding" woman who wants to stay married to the Grinch (Oops! I meant the Gingrich.)