Saturday, December 3, 2011

Okay, Lord, the will is made, now it is Thy Will...

Americans, we are not as smart as we should be, we don't study History and Cause and Effect enough.

I went and got my LAST WILL and TESTAMENT done today, on the cover of the original is the Staff Judge Advocate symbol and a scroll with 1775 on it. 1775 was a very good year.

It was the year the citizens of New England decided that the British Army had done too many bad things to good people. Are you listening BATFE? So they drove them back into Charleston and then to Boston and then out of the colony. A very good year, but then a Congress sat around and talked, and didn't talk, and dithered time away. Men in badly run camps, got sick and died, wounds didn't get treated well and more died and have I mentioned that Congress talked? It is difficult to build and train an army, but Congress comes where ever there are politicians with a point of view to make things right...

It took them, in Congress, until July of 1776 to formalize what had been going on in New England and New York, although there were some backwoods boys that had declared independence much earlier (they had no gold, no ports and no possibilities - but attitude, a Bible and a rifle will take you far from reality).

Y'all be good out there, I noticed they are selling firearms in the Post Exchange, had some good ones there. I have enough already, but like good folks it is always to be admired and commented upon. Is Congress still talking?

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Old NFO said...

Their lips are moving Earl, so they are probably lying... Wills are a good idea, and updates are an even better idea when things change!