Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wasn't my goal to throw stones...

Charlize Theron Dior commercial, on television only thirty special seconds, on YouTube much more. The best part, Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe and Charlize still make the cut, Madonna doesn't - she is only worthy of the Superbowl halftime show. Isn't it wonderful what you can do with computers? No, I am not buying the perfume, don't want to meet the models, and am only going to allow you to know that I really hope their beauty was matched by the goodness of their heart and soul.

A South Korean Commando was killed by the Chinese Captain in a fishing boat dispute. Now I don't think it was reported on MSM, so I like watching other news sources and the Internet and the Canadian Broadcasting on cable. But we are still worried about the War in Afghanistan, and who Iowa will choose you won't see the hundreds of deadly confrontations around the world until the LAST SUPER POWER decides to notice and do something about it. Remembering that they are making sure you know what kind of medicine and all its side effects would lower your risk, they are not ready to keep you informed of anything beyond our culture, unless it is Discovery, PBS special, or National Geographic or the Travel Channel. Ron Paul is right.

"He who is without sin cast the first stone." and the older men left first. Never was that the accused wasn't guilty, only that the punishers were not worthy.

Okay, there is class warfare out there - and in order to win it we have to reduce the tensions. All you RICH people making over a million dollars, give it all to the government and die quietly in the corner. All you richer than I people over there, those making more than fifty thousand a year, give up half of all you made to the government, all you people over there that can't take care of yourselves the government will give you a non-marketable US Bond of fifty thousand every year. Then no one will try to make a million dollars, everyone not making money will get a non-marketable US Bond, and those making more than I will not be that much ahead of me in my declining years.

Actually, if Everyone making money would just give it all to the really smart people in government for the protection of the Snail Darter and Spooky Owl, the world would be a much better place. Then there will be enough Snail Darters and Spooky Owls for the homeless to harvest and eat.

This rant, because it isn't much worth reading, is brought to you because I am getting tired of hearing the same lies repeated about how tax cuts make being poor difficult, being poor should be rewarding I guess it the implication. And how does anyone know that the government does anything correctly? Is there any proof? Governments rise and fall around the world, the poor are always with us, and in case you really aren't paying attention -- little countries that offer no more than private banking and post office addresses make a good living hiding the money from the governments. Because Kings have all those expenses with their mistresses and the palace buildings.

I want two things to make it all equal, one flat tax rate for everyone - no deductions no special trust fund hideouts, all corporations (profit and non-profit) get taxed at that same rate. All citizens of the United States will serve in government jobs in uniform for two years, at minimum wage without benefits except basic food and shelter and medicine. After completing the two years of service they would be issued a voter ID card. That is all.

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