Friday, December 30, 2011

What time is it?

The end of the month creeps up on me, I need to get the garbage out today, need to pay bills and start the NEW YEAR, and pay some more bills. I was reminded to answer the telephone, since it could be a call from California about a new grandchild. The calendar stops on the 31st and my mind has trouble leaping onto a new page until the day for the roll over. I hope the Winter and Summer Olympics will be good, I will be watching on the Canadian Broadcasting. American coverage is just fluff, just fluff. So there will be some great things happening next year.

Now, having competed at the grassroots, fun run level (yes, I am laughing) I know how much the athletes are training in preparation for their events - for Olympic medals you get one chance every four years. Enjoy the Games. The best, most uncovered by press and media will be the little sports and events. In America, they won't even televise the shooters getting medals, no matter what country they are from, unless it is Woman's Biathlon in the Winter Games. In the Summer Games China will crush the Americans every chance they get. Get used to it... If China can't do it, maybe Japan and Korea will.

I wonder why the Presidential Hopefuls aren't running a strong campaign, because they want to be loved? When I watch Mitt Romney I see all that I saw in Obama - just a successful kind of guy, not a Chicago style politician. Which to me means not a choice. The media thinks they can sell ad space on his run and future years in office. I notice the media doesn't cover any important stuff, you have to go to the search engines to find out what the plans are for each candidate - unless you want to laugh at Ron Paul, he thinks we should return to the Constitution, and EVERYONE knows that won't work. The media covers the sound bites, the attacks, the polls and surveys. Why anyone doesn't set up a vote counter, where you log in and vote daily so they can measure the candidates potential base.

Of the six hundred and some bills sponsored by Ron Paul only one in twenty some years as Congressman got passed. So that is an indication of how far out he is -- and means I don't have to blame him for the mess America is in now. I think we need a simple tax code, flat works for me, and we need to get rid of government gifts, and close any association between the government and the Federal Reserve Banks. Congress and the Treasury can take care of money. But then I am very like Ron Paul, not going to sell well on television... not controlled properly... not Mainstream enough. Guess it is Mitt and continued destruction of America by well intentioned folks.


Old NFO said...

Mitt is nothing but Obamalite...

Long-time RN said...

It's a discouraging field. We're not comfortable with Mitt, but it looks as if he'll be the candidate.