Thursday, February 2, 2012

A vote for ________ is a wasted vote,,,,,

You have heard the wisdom of the Ruling Party's Elites, those wise sages full of the wisdom of casting votes for the third or fourth or fifth candidates, according to money, polling or even unproven media bias.

That means the current office holder wins, they call themselves incumbents, and unless something really strange has happened they will be re-elected. They have the most money, the machines, the favors to call in, the position to threaten your silly future without them, -- they are supposed to win, that last victory at the ballot box should be an instant replay.

If there is a serious third party candidate, it will drain votes from the other real potential winners. So, everyone knows that to vote for the best candidate may just make you a loser. Ever been a loser?

I have been a loser. But then I don't live my life in fear of losing, only in not being allowed to play. Everyone else wants to stone the wench, but I am not voting that way. I pay a tithe not because I can drop it from my income to be taxed, I buy a home with a mortgage I can afford with the intent of providing for my family - not something I will become wealthy with. I married, but not the best woman in the world - again I was just a loser. We are still married, and except for what we are properly ashamed of, we are awesomely proud of God's blessings on our family and our fortunes. My wife is to me better than the best woman in the world - but then what would I know, I am just the loser that is going to vote for exactly the best candidate for the offices I want them in. The Democratic machine, the GOP, the TEA Party, the NRA, the Roman Catholic or Mormon church may have opinions but in the end I will cast my vote the way I see the election.

You see, I don't live my life by the values of Hollywood, the Mainstream Media, the people that are cool, chic, in the know, the movers and shakers. The world view of Earl is not that of current public school education systems, political solutions, compromised moral values, Living-Constitutionalists and such. I have to vote the way I take a shot at the target, putting all my preparation into it, focused and not distracted. There will be things that change from the time I check the blocks, or squeeze the trigger, as long as it isn't in the follow through, it will be my best. I can live with losing having done all I can to be right about my life and my vote.

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Yoda of Math said...

I'm glad you realized just how wonderful K.C. is, or you would have had your 2 sisters after you. I could not have ever imagined such a great woman for my sister-in-law. K.C. is the best sister-in-law in the world, tied only with Barbara. May you two have many more happy years of marriage to share with Gideon, Deanna, and grandchildren.