Monday, May 12, 2008

Gentlefolks, start your engines....

Looking for a reason to be alive and participate in Monday I find this, I also go and find

miltiary fiction geek out

and I don't play but I like having my mind tickled and I wonder why Matt Helm wasn't mentioned in the American group, but then I didn't notice Mike Hammer either. I can't have it all can I? I am so old. At church a beautiful young girl asked how I was, I answered I am just fine, I have finished High School and am waiting to graduate from life. Really, I do know what True Love is about, know what my personal goals are in life, how to get them, what is important, what is just in the way and needs to be ignored. I stopped after 'finished High School', she sighed and I didn't want her eyes to glaze over, she is so very nice to talk to an old guy and I had a motorcycle to ride on home.

I did talk to my mother yesterday, flurried emails with one sister, ducked the other sister and hope my brother has a good motorcycle trip (Denver to West Virginia) to visit Mom later this month, even talked a little with my son and daughter-in-law. But then nothing I am doing is critical, note worthy nor going to make me a better man. I read about a woman wondering why she couldn't find a decent boyfriend - and I figure it is the choices she makes. There is one decent man, eligible to become a boyfriend out there somewhere, I have faith and the certainty that variation of humanity rules. Oh, as I continue to withdraw from polite society and personal relationships - I did have a lovely time with my wife and the weekend and what I could do with her and for her, and that part of the weekend seems like went forever the little irritants were on another planet. I guess I am ready for Monday now. Y'all have a good one!

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