Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday shines

I weigh 204.5 pounds today, my blood pressure is 115/68 or 119/73 with a consistant heart rate of 37 beats per minute sitting down. I am reading Cinderella Man, by Jeremy Schaap, better than the movie, which I have and love - because it speaks to the people, the country and the times of the events. Best History lesson on America of the period.

I started blogging because the Institutional Library System was going to build a blog for the public and I was supposed to be one of the blog writers, and so I started Just the Library Keeper and I wrote and posted and posted. Then I told my family and friends about it and sent them links to check it out. Some looked but never returned, but I kept churning out words and didn't have to bother the family any longer. Then I decided to stop worrying about the calendar and posting my measurements and exercises on it, I built another blog Physical Fitness for Foold so I can see what I thought when, what I weighed and measured, and my general health and a bit of what was happening. Just think of all the trees I have saved by not sending letters, think of all the cyberspace left for important commercial announcements about Viagra or variations of get me rich schemes. Hit that DELETE key, folks.

Well, the Institutional Library Services blog site will be closely monitored for political correctness and comment, of course the ones monitoring it don't want to write it, they just want to control it and the public image. I find my blogs helpful, I get to write and whine and wonder, I have my favorite places to check for thoughts from other folks - some close to my thoughts but the most interesting are from people doing their lives well, writing it, and I get to peek and become a lurker - although when I feel important and wise and sharing I do drop a note, most not too worthy. It would depend on the subject I am commenting on. There are people that visit my site and drop comments or just read, I am not counting visits nor comments and more than anything I write because I want to say something and that will be enough.

My sister wrote a wonderful letter, and sent it email, and I have her last two from before but then I wonder if she or her husband check my blog to see how I am. Probably not, my teaching sister said she liked the blog idea and thought she could build one, but then she is very busy and I don't think she got around to it, she didn't say she had - and she still writes letters. My brother is doing stuff in Denver, with music and sound, and supporting the current Presidential Primary conflict (oops, it is only a contest not a conflict).

Well, I do need to get started on this Sunday, Communion Sunday in my chuch, working in the choir (can't really sing, so work at it), and riding my motorcycle to the girl friends (like I ever had any - I am just out for the ride without rain). I do have a round Mount Rainier ride on 14 June with some sunshine riders from DOC, has a barbeque and poker run with it. No, I don't have any idea what to do with a poker run, nor the social barbeque - but I want to ride around Mount Rainier. Seems sometimes like I don't get out enough. This Friday, the 9th, the 191st Infantry Brigade from Fort Lewis has a motorcycle safety ride, two hundred and fifty miles in six hours, they asked the Patriot Guard Riders for assistance and I don't feel 9120 miles on my Triumph enough to make me a mentor, but I would like to try and keep up with those young folks and have a great Friday. I ought to for my Community Service, not given for breaking the peace or a law but just because I can relate and community service shouldn't be thought of as a punishment but an honor. That is the problem with push ups, used punishment too often.

Well, my wife has a birthday tomorrow, so I had best figure out how to help celebrate it - kiss and a hug minimum, jello birthday cake? I should be so much better when I grow up. She is looking so beautiful this morning, as we breakfast together - twas my prep.


Breda said...

happy birthday Mrs. Dungey!

DoubleTapper said...

Don't forget that anaerobic exercise is more efficient then aerobic. So jog, sprint, then jog, and repeat.

It will really boost your metabolism!

I hate running, biking and all things aerobic, so instead I just eat egg whites, chicken breast, and lots of tuna fish and the fat melts away... It really works. You can do it for just a couple of days and will see results.

DoubleTapper, blogging on Guns Politics Defense from Israel