Friday, September 3, 2010

Well, I ain't dead yet...

Lovely public Library in Yelm, Washington. I start my day by going too early to McKenna to the Gunshop to pick up my Stevens Target Rifle, have to wait 'til eleven, sigh. Go to Yelm to find a bookstore, but there are a lot of empty stores, even in Yelm. So, I walk slowly around the area that says there is a Library in it. Found it, and have to wait for them to open, ten of course. Walking around never hurt me.

I did really enjoy the emergency room visit yesterday, in by nine out by two. Lots of blood drawn, chest x-rays, talked to medic, nurse and three doctors, then stopped for antibiotics on my way out. Oh, what am I having trouble with, well, pneumonia of course, my left lung is full of it. On my right lung is a nodule that needs x-rayed in 3-6 months down the road, questions about my smoking history, questions about swelling of the legs, questions about blood clots from legs going to lungs (?), lots of questions. Through it all I was really pleased to be constantly hooked up and monitored by the machines -- except my heart rate is normally slower than they set the machine for and every time it dropped below fifty beats per minute it did set the alarm off, the nurse finally came in to ask what it was normally and reset it. Anyway, do go visit the medical folks if you have questions about your health that you didn't get from watching Oprah, Dr Oz or the medical commercials surrounding the evening news. OH, very important! Questions to avoid if it doesn't have anything to do with your health investigation: Have you had Domestic Violence, Depression or any major mood swings? Especially in a Federal Hospital.

I was really thinking of timing how much time is spent (WASTED!) around the new programming. At exactly 5:26 the local news stops and tells you to rejoin them at six after the Network evening news. The Network News comes on exactly at 5:30. There are four minutes you could be exercising or something. Just mentioning it.


Jeffro said...

Egads! Take care of yourself, Earl!

Earl said...

Too late to care for myself, my wife has taken it on and I don't dare say I am dying, for I will be admonished to death.

Just kidding! Although, it does often seem like it.

Long-time RN said...

Along with the domestic violence, depression and mood swing questions asked during the health screenings in our part of the country is the "are there any firearms in your household"? When answering, "Yep, you bet", the doc's spine usually straightens while leaning ever so slightly away. I guess the question is asked so these medical folks can tell us to make sure all firearms are kept under lock and key, in a safe place away from children. Thank you very much.

Hope the antibiotics are kicking the bacteria and you're breathing better.