Sunday, November 14, 2010

does all life exist on facebook, dare I look for it...

Nope, although I did find the Black Falcons there, 2-319th AFAR, they became falcons during the reorganization of the 82nd Division when they burned Division Artillery's place and threw the artillery battalions into the Infantry Brigade (2nd Brigade 325 AIR was the Falcons of various colors) - now the artillery got black. Constant improvements, name changes and reorganizations. They should be in Reno in August of 2011, gives me a place to ride the Trusty Triumph to and find out how things are.

James Bond had much more interesting life in motels - all I seem to do is wander the internet and find out what people are posting, and drink the morning coffee, time for another cup. Snow up at Reformed Redneck's home in Idaho - says it will make find the dear easier - he meant deer. Now I kind of see why Army Men occupy certain blogs - sleep works but the television doesn't. More coffee and pack up for the day on the range. Not cold enough for Winter Seed Rifleman patch, but then no one sent us any, and shooting in good rainy weather is better than COOL patches, isn't it?

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