Monday, November 15, 2010

I am so ready for Hibernation....

Well, I am really fat - no matter how much they tax my fixed income and my various purchases I still am consuming more calories than I am burning. I was shuffling channels and ran across Leave it to Beaver and watched it between commercial break throughs in chopping vegetables. Black and White television was so much simpler and better. Fred sent a message to all the IIT2s and above and says he is in charge and he wants numbers.... and many other things, so much noise. As I look around the noise I find cops shooting vans badly (are they all afraid?) people still getting on aircraft so they can get their jollies (the TSA or the frequent fliers?) a 19th Century political activism with gun fire from Kansas and people we care about falling victim to illness unknown. So much to worry and be concerned over. The Appleseed close out for three promotions, sending in the cash and finishing the paperwork without abusing the support staff will get done this week. But I want to return to reading my Warhammer adventure - when men were HEROES and orks were green, and giant sized. So ready for Hibernation.


Old NFO said...

Trust me, it ain't us frequent fliers Earl... sigh... Keep up the good work Sir!

SPQR said...

SPQR, IIT4 from Indiana chiming in.

I am a graduate student (education) with an undergraduate degree in history (political science minor). In my graduate work I have to read a lot of crap, and it is CRAP, about the curriculum theory of the education system. People then expect me to make informed comments about it from a political perspective or a historical one. Then they want me to grade papers for undergrads who have never had any kind of job before and yet somehow have developed a sense of entitlement that dwarfs most European nations.

All of that academia and all I want to do is go home and throw some of last fall's hickory in the stove and read a Warhammer novel. You gotta watch the orks with red on 'em. They go fasta.